Saturday, January 07, 2006

Just Another Post!!!

Apologies again, my last post talked about decadence and how we are all a part of it, but then like always, my target audience got misdirected, and other not intended friends of mine thought that it was meant for them! Sorry pals, you guys were not and never in my mind when I wrote that post, sorry if you all felt bad!!!

Exams finally ended today, oh, what a relief! However, it is only going to be very, very short lived!!! Classes begin on 10th and the core course this semester promises to be difficult and HUGE and I have deliberately taken a bit of extra chap on myself by taking the BURGER KING return DEVIL’s course and the bugger has spoiled the lone free day that I was getting that is the 9th by scheduling an audition on that very date, I wonder how badly his customers were treated, no wonder the site looks so dilapidated!!!

Anyway, got to go now, am damn tired, had a long and tiring day and also a pretty horrible paper, got lots to speak about, watch this space for a lot more!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Realisation and a Request ! ! !

We live in a decadent world; all of us sooner or later join the decadent bandwagon and go down the drain…

No that wasn’t a quote, that was what I felt like, rather have been feeling like for the past few days, with no specific rhyme or reason, just like that. Take my case, as an example. Today, I feel rather strange and surprised when I think of those days when I used to seriously detest the smell of cigarette smoke and hated the person who even mentioned the word alcohol, anything beyond that was, well above the question…

But today, I am an addict, well not really an alcoholic, but an addict as far as smoke is concerned. Like today, I blew up 10 fags, in no time at all, and was craving for more, but had to return home, so stopped. Why did I start doing all this? God knows, well not really, I do know some of the reasons, but I think they are too stupid to be even considered, never mind I am writing this post just to announce that I will never, no never allow anyone to consciously to join this club of mine, coz I have learnt through whatever little experience I have had that at the end of the day these do not help but only add to your troubles and miseries.

Please dear pals (hope the ones that I am specifically meaning, get this), do not, I repeat DO NOT join me, an occasional drag, or a swig, is o.k, but please nothing beyond!!!

Sorry guys, if you guys did not get this, or were bugged because of this, I just felt like talking this out and so I did…

APOLOGY : I have been talking shit in my last two blogs, well I am really bugged, don’t know why, just bugged, I promise that the content will improve in the future posts, yes, I really PROMISE!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Of throbbing music, swirling feet and the metamorphosis…

Let me begin with the good rather GREAT news before anything else. My INTERNET connection is back online, which precisely means that I can blog regularly, yipppeee…. Now for the stuff which the title announces to disseminate.
Well, it goes without saying and of course each one of us are aware that we grow with each passing year. But, I feel that we grow differently in different years, some years are just like that, you know, no significant differences and we grow age wise and not anything more, but some years are a bit different, when there is a change in us, rather a metamorphosis, which is undeniable and unchangeable and the last two years have been something like that, for me personally, and if I may take the liberty, the same applies to a lot of my friends, at least in connection to this year.
Past things first, last to last year 2004 was very special, I had stepped into college, there were a lot of problems, I thought I was friendless for a long time, making acquaintances, but not getting that warmth which friendship promises add to that a couple of romantic failures and you have a very devastated person, things went on in this strain till I was introduced to this group in college, who were fun, and at the same time great companions, college life had never seemed better, especially pujo, just when I thought that all bad was past, providence came in my way. While holidaying in the Andamans at the end of the year, the fateful tsunami struck preceded by a horrible earthquake, we were there, I still can’t believe how I am alive, after what we went through, we could easily have been dead, but then you need people to live and tell the tale, we returned after spending two horrible nights under the sky, with the earth shaking every few minutes, amidst moans and groans, no food and water.
We returned from the ravaged heavens, but carried the burden of tragedy with us, our family would never be the same again, ma developed nervous problem, baba was distraught and always irritated, I could still see the waters rushing to engulf the concrete structure I was sitting on near the Baratang jetty, and chose to abandon after I saw the water level increasing, and my brother abstained from his daily habit of playing FIFA 2005, and when he played, he invariably lost to the computer.
However, like all tragedies, this one too had a humane side, we learnt that not only nature but its people go a long way in making Andamans such a tourist haven. The residents had arranged for a relief camp with a sumptuous dinner on the night of the tragedy itself and kept on arranging for food and drinking water, when almost all of them were unsure about their own future. Back home, I learnt afresh that how valuable I was for my friends and how valuable we all were to all our relations.
That was 2004, cut to 2005 things were much better. I was happy, doing my theatre, reading my books, and leading a great life. If there was one negative, it was that my addictions had increased manifold. I could not stay without a cigarette now and I was also drinking more frequently and heavily, besides the occasional dose of dope, yeah all this was fun, real fun, experiments with drinks and smoke and what not! Trips, highs, hangovers became a bit too prominent in my life! The health had to rebel and it did, my liver, weak as it already was, gave way, it had an infection and I was bedridden, for long, real long. Friends came to rescue again, helping me with notes and other necessary information.
And yes, I fell in love! Well, wanted to write a little more about it, but I don’t know, I am not being able to! Somehow, the issue is too close to my heart I think, and however much I try, won’t be able to tell what this feels like, I think my more poetic GirlFriend can be of help!!! As for naming her, don’t they say learn from your mistakes ;-)!!!
And now for the Throbbing Music and Swirling Feet part. Partying, for me atleast, has never been as much fun as it was in the last two that I attended, both with friends and in friend’s places and to mark Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
Well, the first one was a more quiet one, but in a place that was dopey and very cosy. Just when it seemed that it would be a very dry Christmas, the kind hostess (she was featured in an earlier post for not being comfortable!!!) decided to let us have some wine and boy, wasn’t that fun, no obviously, you couldn’t get drunk on the amount that we sipped but even that was very exciting for a lot of us, who were tasting the thing for the first time.
Compared to that New Year was more fun. We DRANK, two of us going lattu, completely and a third a little too smiley, it was fun, real fun and then of course, we had some good homoerotic action going on to spice things up accompanied by throbbing music by our very own DJ Pagal, specialising in Jangia Music and BedTop Dancing!!!

Now for the Metamorphosis part, used to as I am with drinks and smoke and dope, a sense of guilt constantly plagues me, sometimes I do feel that I am a wasted person, having indulged in these items, which even today a greater part of our society, looks down upon with contempt!!! On 31st, this sense of guilt, kind of receded, atleast a little, when I saw that my pals equally enjoyed the stuff, almost as much as I did!!! It came as if as an assurance, I was not very different, after all!!! It was great to hear “Hey, the smokes feeling good, Man!!!” or “Please, please, can I have some more Vodka, just another glass!!!” Yeah, I know you might call me a sadist, but hey, I needed company!!! No, I will not ask anyone to smoke, neither will I ask someone to drink, because, I know, more than anyone else, how these harm you, but I simply cannot deny the fact, that it did feel great, to have company! Moreover, I felt, yesterday, I dunno why, that these people are never going to be the same again, a certain change, has happened and will remain, always, like it did for me, after my first smoke at a friend’s place, like the first drink at Shantiniketan and the first joint at Jadavpur, I had changed a bit with each, and so did they!!! METAMORPHOSIS!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Hey, I am back

This is going to be a really TINY,kindly don't mind. It is just a reminder that i am still a very much part of the blogger community, just health and some other factors, like a conked net connection are acting as impediments, please do not write me off, i am there an yeah loud and clear, keep visiting and watch this space for more....

Lots of Love...
The Irregular Blogger,
(Formerly referred to as TEHELKA.COM)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Boss MAINTAINENANCE can be difficult ! ! !

Hey, it's me again. Well, maintaining this blog is becoming super difficult!! I am hardly getting time to do anything!!! And, the worst part is that I have been GROUNDED for the next month, which means no college, no bcl, no film festival (phew, my poor delegate card, n its price those 300 bucks!!!). Life sucks, n so does my liver, well n here i am not being allowed to talk too long on the phone n neither sit too long on the comp n etcetera etcetera... already mom's breathing down my neck, n i have been asked to stop doing whatever i am doing... will have to go. But, hey, the pujo story is far from over, n WILL RESUME SHORTLY, meanwhile happy doing whatever you are doing, bye n plz do contact, in whichever way possible!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Just felt like talking crap... n that wud continue

It has been long since I have actually put up something worthwhile in my blog. Well, time, that is the unavailability of it definitely seems to be the problem. But, today morning, I suddenly got an excuse to type something out, and quite by chance. Actually, I haven’t been particularly well for the last few days, starting from the day after Kali Puja, I guess one should blame it on the excess Bhog consumed on the auspicious day and the real rich gourmet I was forced to savour the next day to celebrate my Choto Mama’s returning for Bhai Phonta after a gap of, believe it or not, almost 12 years. And the next day was Bhai Phonta part II and as usual I had one Pishi and another Mashi and a couple of sisters to satisfy, who were ready to let me go, only after they had stuffed me enough to make me practically and literally immobile, well celebrations, especially, ones where you are supposed to be pampered can often be taxing, I wonder what is waiting for me in that auspicious day in mid–August, early–September some five or six years from now!!! I sincerely hope you got the obvious hint (actually my dad is lurking around in the room, trying to take a sneak peek into what I am typing, I have to keep the font size real low, and then too, well keep my words, you know, kind of hidden!!!)!!! Anyway, coming back to the point, all this and much more, have had an enormous toll on my poor tummy, and the bloody organ along with its associates and neighbours have decided to swell in protest. And, of course, I am suffering! But, hey, it is this that has given me an opportunity, to go tap–tapping on the keyboard today morning!!!
I guess the Pujas are still strong in our minds, and I believe discussing that wouldn’t really be bad, so what if I am a little late! Hey, don’t get ready with your brickbats and rotten eggs, I won’t trouble you with details like when I woke up on a particular day, or when did I wake up again, or when did I wake up yet again, but will try to be somewhat different, well, different by my standards, which means different, but not outrageously different, but then again different!!! Bunk it, man, this is sounding more like Onko dialogue than anything else:
“Which means that we do care about ourselves,
But then we don’t care about ourselves;
We do care and we don’t care,”
which doesn’t make this piece all that different, which is not the intention, I mean, we are striving to be different here you see!!!
Hey, I can almost see those teeth and nails of my readers and it would be wiser and healthier to go on, that is to discuss Puja, in a distinct and different style!!! LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!!
The revelries began in Panchami itself, with few of us meeting at one particular CCD, to discuss our plan of action, immediate of which was to order coffee. Actually, me and a friend of ours, who if I may quote her, “Is not very comfortable, alone with” ‘a guy’ or ‘guys’ as the case may be, were waiting outside this joint and we decided to occupy one of the garden tables, simply because there was no vacancy inside, opportunity came our way, exactly five minutes and twenty five seconds later, when a weary couple left one of the tables, and we, the not so comfortable couple (please don’t start spreading rumours, a guy and a gal together are referred to as a couple, at least that’s what I know) went and occupied their place and were joined soon, by our second thinnest classmate, wearing a t–shirt, that threatened to beat us, if we asked a particular question (reminds you of Prufrock, doesn’t it, in a different sort of a way though!!!), me and the “uncomfortable” lady argued for a while about the foreign tongue with which something was written on that shirt, with me being the winner, because by now she was more uncomfortable, remember the equation 2 guys: 1 gal!!!
Our interesting discussions were stopped for a while because our thinnest friend called the uncomfortable friend as a part of the process of bargaining for more cash out of her parent’s pockets, this after she had already been given 500 for the celebrations, talk about unreasonable kids!!! Anyway, a moment later, we were joined by another of our friends, who was weary after a shopping spree, with a sister who had come to town for Puja. Next came, our thinnest friend, all smiles, because she had succeeded exceedingly well, in her bargain!!! Meanwhile, we had already changed tables twice or may be even thrice, and the lady in the counter did not seem too happy with us, but the poor lady had to wait even further, we had a jazzy friend to wait for, who loves wearing see–through, stone–studded clothes and thus cannot come out of his house before it’s dark enough, our very own, CREATURE OF THE DARK!!!!! Finally, it was coffee time, and it rained grandes, lattes, mochas and a lone ice tea shower, which our CREATURE OF THE DARK friend ordered, well, nothing unusual, he was striving to be different, you see!!!
That was, it then, Panchami, as we left CCD, we had discussed everything else, but our Puja plan, and like always, a whole lot of calls remained to be made, with the same stupid question, “Tui Kothai, ami Deshapriya Park e lal sari pora ekta meyer pichone dariye achi, dhukei dandike?” and the same reply “Kiii, SHUNTE PACCHI NAA, Kiiii BOLLI???” Well, as we stepped out, we also switched gears, and Shasthi, was screaming, TO BE DIFFERENT!!!
That’s all for today folks, do comment if you want more, I would have loved to go on, but my mom is going hyper, because the guy who helps her with household chores is due in 5 minutes and the comp has been on since 7 and obviously, she doesn’t like to see this being used like a fridge, switched off twice in a year, which basically means she doesn’t like being different!!! Well, he is here and I have got to go, my mom, I mean I will definitely……

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sorry for the inordinate delay!!!!

Hello there,
Sorry, really sorry for the inordinate delay between my last post and this one!!! Actually I have been really busy with the Ghatshila trip and then a whole lot of theatre projects, and thus this delay!!!
Well, to begin with studies are in a horrible mess as is my life, well I won't really elaborate on the second aspect, to respect the unwritten code of privacy that I am an unwritten signatory of. As far as studies are concerned, I have traditionally kept things for the last moment, but this time around it seems I am really going to screw things up, what with so much to do and as always with so little time!!! Am I not sounding boring, well I am bored!!! People hardly message me, leave alone call me, they have even stopped the missed call game, well I am not totally not guilty, even I do not give calls, but then I am not really allowed to use my phone and anyone will understand using your mobile phone is too damn costly!!! Well anyway that is all for the moment coz I am really busy doing something really important!!! Diwali is round the corner and here's wishin you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!!! And after that, yes, THE COLLEGE WILL FINALLY OPENNNN!!!!!!!!!!
See you then!!!